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Welcome to Freedom Education Center’s Online Presence on the World Wide Web!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Freedom Education Center is closing. The last day of class was Saturday, February 16, 2019. Please check the calendar for class availability. 

The purpose F.E.C. is to give each student an opportunity to 1) learn how to apply corrective measures to certain life skills/lifestyles  and/or to 2) satisfy their court requirements and learn without feeling scared or threatened. F.E.C. desires for each student both learn from the program and apply best practices for day-to-day living. Freedom Education Center encourages all students to ask questions and discuss their perspective viewpoints.

Freedom Education Center understands that complying with the court and probation mandates can be difficult and intimidating. F.E.C. strives to provide easy scheduling options to meet the needs of working and busy people. Classes are offered in both evening and weekend sessions.

Freedom Education Center offers convenient and friendly court approved classes:

      • Anger Management Class (AMC 8 Hour Session – Saturday Class);


      • Driving While Intoxicated (DWI-E) Education Program TDLR State Approved – Evening Class (12 Hour Class – Parts 1-4);


      • Drug and Alcohol Awareness Class (DNA 8 Hour Session – Saturday Class); as well as the


      • Drug Offender Education Program (DOEP – TDLR State Certified (15 Hour Class – Parts 1-5);


    • Theft Intervention Class (TIC 8 Hour Session – Saturday Class).

 ALL CLASSES ARE FACILITATED AT 3828 Hughes Court; Suite 205; Dickinson, TX 77539. 

NOTE 1: Pre-registration is required for all classes. Payment must be received by 1pm on the Thursday, prior to the scheduled class/session, in order to guarantee your space in the class. Registration isn’t complete until payment has been received.
NOTE 2: Payments received with the 72 hour window prior to any given class will be assessed an additional $35 administrative fee for  8 hour courses and $45 for the State mandated courses.
NOTE 3: Refunds are not provided within 72 hours of the scheduled class for 8 hour classes.  REFUNDS ARE NOT PROVIDED FOR STATE MANDATED/CERTIFIED CLASSES.
NOTE 4: If a student misses the scheduled class, s/he may re-register at the cost of $35.00 for an 8 Hour class or $45 for a State mandated course. Contact FEC for more info.
NOTE 5: Registration is not completed until the full payment has been received. 
NOTE 6: Cancellation of the said class must be made 72 hours prior to the scheduled session for a refund to be processed. Cancellations only apply to the 8 hour courses.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact FEC. Feel free to leave a text message via our automated system at 281-755-6682 and a response will be provided.

Thanks for your interest in Freedom Education Center: court mandated classes you can trust.

Get your life back via Freedom Education Center! You’ll be glad you did!!!

IMPORTANT NEWS: Freedom Education Center is closing. The last day of class was Saturday, February 16, 2019. 

“I love the teacher cause she taught her heart out and took the time out to care about others. I am very grateful! I needed this lesson in my life it was good for my soul. I needed her help. I feel that God sent me to this class for a reason for a change.”

Drug Offender Student



DOEP Student, Galveston| Yorkville