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PLEASE NOTE:  ALL CLASSES ARE FACILITATED AT 3828 Hughes Court; Suite 205; Dickinson, TX 77539. 

NOTE 1: Pre-registration is required for all classes. Payment must be received by 1pm on the Thursday, prior to the scheduled Saturday session, in order to guarantee space for the class.
NOTE 2: Payments received with the 72 hour window prior to any given class will be assessed an additional $35 administrative fee for the 8 hour course and an additional $45 for State Mandated Courses.
NOTE 3: Refunds are not provided within 72 hours of the scheduled 8 hour classes. Refunds are not provided for the State Mandates Courses. 
NOTE 4: If a student misses the scheduled class, s/he may re-register at the cost of $35.00 for the 8 hour courses and $45 for the State Mandated Courses. 
NOTE 5: Registration is not completed until the full payment has been made. 
NOTE 6: Cancellation of the said class must be made 72 hours prior to the scheduled session for a refund to be processed for the 8 hour classes.
If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact FEC. Feel free to leave a text message via our automated system at 281-755-6682 and a response will be provided.

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